Pharmaceutical Compounding API's

Gaining a foothold in the $20+ billion U.S. dietary supplement market takes more than a great idea or a revolutionary product. Start-ups, entrepreneurs, and distributors who want to enter the market can’t typically outspend the well-funded industry giants — yet they still face the same stringent regulatory climate, supply chain constraints, and market hurdles that larger companies face. The bottom line: if you have a great idea for a supplement but you don’t have the formulation chemists, manufacturing expertise, and capacity to bring it to market, you still need to match national and global brands in terms of quality, consistency, and credibility.

The experts at Green Mountain Pharmaceuticals can help you approach the supplement market in a smart, efficient way, regardless of your size. We offer the range of services that can help you build your brand, so you can compete in a crowded and competitive market.
Our services for supplement manufacturers include:  

A More Nimble, Flexible Approach

If your strategy is to start small and build market share gradually or you want to test market response prior to a large-scale launch, Green Mountain Pharmaceuticals offers you the same manufacturing and regulatory expertise of larger companies, with a higher level of responsiveness and service.