What Sets Us Apart

Customers of Green Mountain Pharmaceuticals come to us because of our expertise in the following areas:

Dietary Supplements

Green Mountain Pharmaceuticals has played an instrumental role in helping leading research institutions understand a drug’s efficacy in treating additional diagnoses and disease states and analyze interactions and synergistic possibilities. Contact us today to find out how we can support you in conducting a successful, empirically sound clinical trial.

We specialize in working with our customers to develop oral and transdermal delivery systems that provide the entire dose ‘as advertised’.   We also provide contract manufacturing services to make your product using these new systems. 

We have the attitude and capability to help you get started with small initial batch sizes and we will grow with you as you achieve market success.

Research Institution Clinical Trials

We have been supporting investigative research for over 20 years.  Our customers include major research universities throughout North American and Asia. 

Our services include active drug acquisition, placebo manufacturing, packaging, labeling and randomization services.   

We focus on delivering great customer service and value because we understand how tight research budgets are today.   So, whether your project has just 10 subjects or hundreds we can support your needs. 

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

We are registered as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  We specialize in providing API’s for Pharmaceutical Compounding.  Our expertise is in preparing tablet-ready API’s for pharmacies that focus on natural hormone replacement therapy.  Our API’s include:

We also provide training to your pharmacy staff as required.  Contact us for more information.